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Bread Maker


Cherry Jam

We think of cherries as a Christmas luxury but they’re at their best (and cheapest!) during January and February – making this the perfect time to give our Cherry Jam recipe a go.


Cranberry Sauce

Give a range of roast and grilled meats a sweet cranberry twist. This classic, easy and delicious sauce made with the help of a Panasonic bread maker perks up your meals any time of the year.


Spicy Fruit Bread

Freshly baked bread is even better when it comes with the aromatic pleasure of spices and fruit. What’s more, Panasonic bread makers feature an automatic raisin and nut dispenser that will evenly distribute the dried fruit through the loaf so that every slice is absolutely perfect! Your whole family will love this spicy fruit bread for breakfast or as a comforting afternoon treat.


Banana Cinnamon Loaf

Our loaf has a delicious twist. Most recipes use overripe bananas but you haven’t always got one hanging around when the craving strikes. Our bread maker recipe just needs a handful of banana chips from the pantry and it’s good to go!


Baguette (French Bread)

Say Francais with a magnifique baguette recipe. These light and fluffy loaves of French bread are delicious no matter what you call them and you’ll be happy to know you can make the dough to bake your own at home, using a Panasonic bread maker.