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Start with a smoothie every day this week

Instead of skipping breakfast in your rush to get out the door each morning, use a stick blender to whizz up a smoothie. You can drink it on the run and start your day with a lot more energy. Save even more time by using small freezer bags to prepare your ingredients for the week ahead and then pop them in the freezer. Each morning, all you’ll have to do is pour, blend and go. Bonus points for the fact that the frozen fruit and veg will make your smoothie icy cold!


Homemade Mayonnaise

A rich, creamy mayo is one of those condiments beloved by just about everyone. Now you can ditch store-bought over processed mayo and use your stick blender to whip up impressive this homemade version. Made using a Panasonic stick blender.


No Nut Pesto!

A simple pesto can really be the kitchen hero. It makes a great dip, a heavenly pasta sauce, a wonderful sandwich condiment and so much more. This no-nut version can be quickly whipped up using our stick blender. Made using a Panasonic stick blender.