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Simple Crème Caramel

Who doesn’t love the magical treat that is Crème Caramel? They’re rich, easy to make, and guests are always impressed when the dish is unmolded to reveal the soft caramel cascading down the delicate custard. Here we show you how to use your rice cooker’s ‘Steam Mode’ to make these heavenly desserts.


Banana Cake

Panasonic rice cookers are so versatile that in addition to perfectly cooking rice, they can also turn out porridge, cake, soup and stew. This banana cake recipe cooks in just 40 minutes in the rice cooker, with delectable results.


Spring Chicken and Vegetable Risotto

We absolutely love coming up with new ways to use our kitchen appliances and we’ve definitely hit on a winner with this chicken and vegie risotto. Instead of standing at the stove to slowly stir one ladle full of stock into the risotto at a time, you can use a Panasonic rice cooker and turn out perfect risotto in about than thirty minutes.