Basic White Bread

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Basic White Bread
Take this basic bread and make it more delicious and easy! The yeast will be automatically added at the perfect timing, so there’s no worries about messing up. Create the perfect, fluffy bread, every time, and bask in the soothing aroma as it bakes.
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  1. 400g Strong white bread flour
  2. 1tsp Sugar
  3. 15g Butter
  4. 1tsp Salt
  5. 280ml Water
  6. 3/4tsp Dry yeast
  1. Add strong white bread flour
  2. Add sugar
  3. Add salt
  4. Add butter
  5. Add water
  6. Add dry yeast
  7. Select menu 1 then press start
  1. Cooked with the SD-ZB2512 Bread Maker
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