Can your microwave cook a Sunday roast with all the trimmings?

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Slaving over a hot stove, sweating in front of a stuffy microwave, using every appliance in the kitchen… that’s usually what it takes to turn out a full Sunday roast and dessert. If we told you that every dish could be cooked to perfection in one microwave (and in half the time), it would probably sound like a fairy tale but that’s actually the reality of our new NN-CS984S Steam Combi Microwave Oven.

This versatile little number takes a microwave and adds the power to steam, bake and grill, so that one appliance can produce an almost endless variety of dishes.

Even the full Sunday roast is a very simple matter for the NN-CS984S – just check out our recipes for a roast rack of lamb accompanied by creamy pepper sauce, baked potatoes and minted peas, and then finished off with a glorious sticky date pudding and toffee sauce.

One microwave, five dishes, kitchen perfection!

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